Measure twice cut once!
Wrapping any vehicle consists of 4 stages. The first is the design and layout stage. The second is production of the graphic. The third stage is vehicle prep getting the vehicle perfectly clean and prepared to receive the graphic. The last step is installation of the graphic.

Design Stage

The design stage is the most critical part of the process, we will began design once a contract is signed and the deposit is received. Communication is key, expectations, and a thorough understanding of the overall project is a must. The design should be done with the understanding that images may need to be scanned. Any digital pictures used must be taken at specific resolutions. Certain file types are required, and the design must be scaled to the vehicle. Unless the vehicle is going to be in a design contest, we remind our clients to focus on the purpose of the vehicle i.e.: bring in new business, create brand awareness, etc. The vehicle is a moving billboard so the message on the vehicle should be instantly understood. Understanding the impact of a simple but effective design is a crucial and important step. You will be provided layouts and revisions via email.

Production Stage

On all our projects we only use 3M materials and long term eco-friendly solvent inks in production, which offer a full 3 year warranty. Our dual high capacity printers are state-of-the-art hardware, with design features that let us in most cases completely eliminate all banding common in large format high volume production. We are the only large format shop in the area using this technology. The close up picture of the bus below is a shot of an actual finished wrap. Please click on the picture for a larger view. There is not one banded area on the entire bus. The production time on a full wrap is typically 2-4 days depending on the size of the vehicle. Once graphic production is complete, we will call to set up a time for acceptance of your vehicle and graphic installation. Superior output quality is one of the many reasons to choose Rigwraps for your vehicle wrap project.

Installation Stage

Installation is an important part of the process. Our installers are the best in the business. Our lead installer is the head training instructor for the industry's leading printer manufacturer's wrap school. An inexperienced installer working on the cheap may get the wrap done in record time, but it will be full of burn marks, bubbles, and wrinkles which would be unacceptable at Rigwraps. All vehicles must be delivered in clean condition ready to wrap, if we have to clean the vehicle there will be an additional charge. Once the project is complete we will contact you to arrange pick up. At pick up we will give you a completion/acceptance form which also includes wrap care instructions.

We got this...
A frequently overlooked but critical step is the color print proof process. Once the project moves out of the design department we will produce two color print proofs for customer sign off. One proof is a small print which will show the entire side of the vehicle, the second proof will be an area of the design blown up to full output size. These proofs show exactly what the project color and resolution will look like. Once the proofs are approved the color and resolution setting used for these proofs are locked into a computer to be used for that project. This system guarantees that you are happy with the color and resolution prior to the actual production of the graphics... No surprises.